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- A literature review

Asplund, Rita - Barth, Erling (Eds.)

EDWIN is a two-and-a-half-year research project supported by DG-Research of the European Commission, bringing together nine research teams from an equal number of European countries: Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

This volume of the EDWIN project provides a comprehensive review of the current state of knowledge in each participating country concerning the link between education and wage inequality.

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2005 436 s. Hinta 45 euroa (Tuotekoodi B212), ISBN 951-628-423-X.


Chapter 1
Rita Asplund and Erling Barth:
Education and Wage Inequality: An Introduction to the National Literature Reviews

Chapter 2
Rita Asplund:
A Macroeconomic Perspective on Education and Inequality

Chapter 3
Rita Asplund and Liisa Leijola:
Education and Wage Inequality in Finland: A Review of the Empirical Evidence

Chapter 4
Oussama Ben Abdelkarim and Ali Skalli:
Educational and Economic Inequality in France: A Survey of the Literature

Chapter 5
Andreas Ammermüller and Andrea Maria Weber:
Education and Wage Inequality in Germany: Review of the Empirical Literature

Chapter 6
Panos Tsakloglou and Ioannis Cholezas:
Education and Inequality in Greece

Chapter 7
Giorgio Brunello, Simona Comi, Claudio Lucifora and Elisa Scarpa:
Inequality in Education and Wages in Italy: A Review of the Empirical Literature

Chapter 8
Erling Barth and Arne Mastekaasa:
Education and Inequality in Norway: A Review of the Literature

Chapter 9
Santiago Budría and Celso Luís Nunes:
Education and Wage Inequality in Portugal

Chapter 10
Carl le Grand, Ryszard Szulkin and Michael Tåhlin:
Education and Inequality in Sweden: A Literature Review

Chapter 11
Peter Dolton and Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez:
Education and Income Inequality in the UK: A Current Perspective

Chapter 12
Santiago Budría Rodríguez:
Education and Inequality: Evidence from Spain